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Kim Haskins, Principal

Kim Haskins, Principal

Phone:  804-843-2030 x 305

Kim Haskins
About Me

Educators are driven by one purpose – it gets them out of bed every day – to make a difference in a student’s life.  I’m reminded of the Dunkin’ Donuts man driven to get up early every day to “make the doughnuts”.  I don’t make doughnuts; I make a difference – whether it is greeting students every morning and in class, sitting beside them to help with a concept, or asking why they made a poor choice and the ensuing conversation – it all makes a difference.  As principal I strive to make a difference every day by putting students first and foremost in all decisions.

I firmly believe instruction for elementary students should be rigorous and relevant, and should encourage the development of global economy skills (collaboration, communication, cooperation) in an effort to prepare them as responsible global citizens and life-long learners.  I do understand the unique needs and characteristics of elementary school students.  Experience has taught me that relationships are the key to the success of every student, parent, teacher and staff member of a school and its overall success.

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