Classroom Guidance

All classes, grades K-5 will receive a 45 minute classroom guidance lesson once a month. These lessons will be age appropriate and meant to target common issues students face at schools, while keeping them engaged and learning.

As I have done each year I have been with WPES, I have once again changed the curriculum that will be taught. I have found this keeps students engaged, interested, and current with the situations faced within the school and at home. We will be focusing on problem-solving, bringing back our friend "Kelso". With the help of friends, stories, and activities, Kelso's Choice provides students the tools needed to solve small problems on their own and understand that when a big problem arises, they should seek out grown-up help.


Additionally, we will be re-visiitng the "Too Good for Drugs" program, with the assistance of our Resource Officer, Officer Schramm. Together, students will learn about healthy choices, and receive an introductory lesson on on drug and alcohol awareness. 

Students will also be receiving lessons on career education and emotion-management. Focusing on empathy, anger, and friendship are just a few lessons planned for this year.