Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassador Program is devised of students nominated by the faculty and administrative staff of the Elementary School, in which the student will represent the school division. A child is selected because of their leadership, scholarship, community involvement, responsible citizenship attributes, and potential interest in representing the school division and their peers as an ambassador of the many good things happening in West Point Public Schools.

Student Ambassadors will be afforded the opportunity to travel with the superintendent and other staff members to various schools as a “think tank” for future planning and visioning for our school division, serve as greeters and/or hosts for school related special occasions, and attend student development and planning meetings that will focus on etiquette, self presentation and leadership. 

The 2016-2017 Student Ambassadors representing West Point Elementary are as follows:

3rd Grade: Ashley Gilchrist, Gabby Davis, Terique Graham, and Colbin Hilton
4th Grade: Keamani Fujimoto and Alana Williamson
5th Grade: Clyve Agcanas and Vivian Peebles