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26 days ago

I hope everyone had a good weekend! 

This week we will continue reviewing consonant blends in reading.  I remind the students when coming to two consonants together they should “squeeze” the sounds together not do them separate.  We will also be talking about story sequence in stories with using beginning, middle, end, and first, next, last.  In grammar we will be talking about synonyms.  This week’s sight words are in your child’s folder.  Please cut them apart and add to previous week’s words.

In Math we will review greater than and less than by using place value to compare numbers.  Remind your child the sign always likes the bigger number so it needs to be open towards that number.  If the greater number is first it is the greater than sign, if the lesser number is first it is the less than sign.  We will have a quiz on Wednesday on comparing numbers. We will begin rounding to the nearest 10 and 100s. When rounding remind your child if the number is 4 or less it goes down and 5 and higher it goes up!

In Social Studies we will be discussing Christopher Columbus, Columbus Day, and his contributions in exploration.

In Fundations we will be working with the r controlled sounds.  R controlled wounds are vowels followed by an r. They make one sound.  In addition we will be working with glued sounds of all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, and unk.  Glued sounds mean that the sound all go together they are not separate. We mark glued sounds by drawing a box around them.  R controlled sounds are marked by circling the r controlled sound and scooping it with an R underneath it.

Thursday is the last day to send in bike race forms and money for the race on Friday!

Students visited the book fair today.  They will have Library again on Friday so they will have another chance to shop if you forget to send money today.

Book orders for October are in your child’s folder they can be ordered through Oct. 18th online or you can send the order form in with a check paid to Scholastic.

Inside your child’s folder is a conference sign-up sheet.  Please select 3 times that work for you and send it back. I will send you a confirmation letter with your time.  I do need to meet with all parents at this time.

For your calendar:

Friday, Oct. 4th-bike race and kick off to Crab Carnival

Tuesday, Oct. 8th-Fall pictures

Thursday, Oct. 10th-Conference night

Daily Schedule

about 1 month ago

2nd Grade Daily Schedule


8:35-8:45 Morning Meeting

8:50 Bathroom Break

8:50-11:15 Reading

  • 8:50-9:10 Fundations
  • 9:10-10:20 Whole Group Reading/Small Group Reading/Daily 
110:25-11:10 Resource

11:10-12:15 Math

12:15-12:35 Writing/Grammar

12:40-1:05 Lunch

1:05-1:35 Social Studies/Science

1:35-2:00 Recess 

2:05-2:45 Small groups/writing wrap-ups/ interventions

2:45-3 Planners/Pack-Up/Read Aloud