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3 months ago

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was so nice meeting so many of the kids grandparents!

This week in reading, we will be reading and writing words with ou,oo, ue, and ew.  We will learn about fact and opinion. In grammar, we will be reviewing adverbs. Adverbs tell about the verb.  The new sight words are in your child’s folder. Please cut them apart and add them to previous week’s lists.

In Math we will continue our unit on addition and subtraction with regrouping.  This week we will focus subtraction with regrouping. Please remind your to check to see if there is more on top or more on the floor (top of ones/bottoms of ones column).  If more on top don’t need to stop. If more on the floor go next door to get some more (borrow 1 group of ten and move it to the ones). Also when writing double digit subtraction, the bigger number has to be on top.  We will have a quiz on addition with regrouping on Thursday.

We will finish our unit on weather in Science.  We will be learning about how weather impacts people, plants and animals.

In Fundations we will continue with the double syllable this week.  We will be working with the vowel teams ou, ue, ew, oo with the /oo/ sounds like school, chew, and blue. They are scooped with a letter D under it.  We will also be combining this vowel with other syllables too. We will have our unit 15 test this Friday.

Please continue to fill out and return the permission slip/ registration for the free YMCA swim  

Report cards will come home tomorrow.  Please sign and return the envelope by Friday.

Lastly, there is no school next Monday for the Easter Holiday weekend.

For your calendar:

Thursday, April 18th- addition with regrouping quiz

Friday, April 19th-Unit 15 fundations test and return report card envelopes

Monday, April 22nd-no school Easter Holiday

Daily Schedule

10 months ago

2nd Grade Daily Schedule


8:35-8:45 Morning Meeting

8:50 Bathroom Break

8:50-11:15 Reading

  • 8:50-9:20 Fundations
  • 9:20-9:35 Whole Group Reading
  • 9:35-10:35 Small Group Reading/Daily 5
10:35-11:05 Writing

11:05-11:10 Bathroom

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:10 Social Studies

12:10-12:15 Bathroom

12:15-12:55 Resource

12:55-1:40  Calendar/Math journal/Math centers

1:45-2:05 Recess 

2:05-2:45 Calendar/Math

2:45-3 Planners/Pack-Up/Read Aloud