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The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs
STEAM Learning is so much fun!

In the classroom

3 months ago

We enjoyed some 'camping' fun! 4.8.19


Block Forts

TheThree Little Pigs STEAM 


Q-tip mazes

Animal Habitats

A visit from Dogs on Call Therapy Dog: Zeus

We made Play Dough! 11/27/18


Sink or Float STEAM Project 


Shaving Cream Fun 11/14/18

Baking Soda & Vinegar  11/13/18

STEAM FUN! 11/12/18

Shaving cream and Food Dye! 11/12/18


 Porcupine Fun! 10/23/18

10/10/18 S is for Sand




Mirrors and fine motor skills practice 9/19/18


Hard at work 9-17-18

Resource Schedule 

7 months ago

10:30-11:00 a.m.

Monday:  Library   

Tuesday: Art    

Wednesday: P.E. 

Thursday: Music 

Friday:  Guidance

Upcoming Events
Friday, May 3: Field Day
Friday, May 10: early release day
Friday, May 24 and Monday, May 28 NO SCHOOL

Art Projects

about 1 month ago

K is for King

N is for nest

K is for Kite

L is for Lion

L is for Lighthouse

L is for Lamb

H is for Horse

Broccoli Painted Trees



D is for Ducks!

Rainforest Animals

My tent 4.9.19

Fireflies 4.10.19

Marshmallow Painting!

J is for Jellyfish

Marshmallows & a Campfire


Clean/Dirty Hands

D is for Dinosaur!


C is for Corn


Little Blue Trucks

Construction Workers


The Three Little Pig Houses


Ladybug Hearts

Polar Bears

Arctic Fox

Snow Owl

Z is for Zebra

Bubble wrap Fish!

A is for Alligator

Z is for Zinnia

F is for Fish




W is for Worm

U is for Unicorn

X is for X-ray

W is for Weather

W is for Walrus!

Turkeys 11/19/18

Turkeys 11/20/18

Mr. Potato Head's Five Senses 11.8.18

My Five Senses 11.7.18

Making Turkeys!

P is for Porcupine

It feels... My 5 Senses 11.1.18

Sensory Turtles 11.2.18

Community Helpers 10/15-10/19

10/10/18 Stop Lights

S is for Snake 10/15/18

 Community Helpers 10/16/18

09/07/2018 Sticker Names

09/10/2018 Leaf Pattern Names

Apple Baskets 9/25/18

West Point, VA

Family Involvement Events

3 months ago

Spring Up Breakfast Invitation


Grandparents Day RSVP

 We had fun making edible campfires!

MAKE IT WITH MATH- Parent Involvement Event

Math is Fun Event: March 13th

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate fall with a healthy snack!  10-31-2018