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School Counseling Curriculum

about 1 year ago

School counseling services

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling at West Point Elementary and Middle School is a one-to-one meeting with the school counselor to discuss a problem or topic of interest that may be affecting their academic, personal or social success. Some of the common topics discussed include peer conflicts, anxiety, conflict resolution, grief, goal setting, managing emotions, and many more. During each one-on-one session a variety of counseling techniques may be used in order to help your student express him/herself.

Referrals for students to meet with a school counselor can be made by classroom teachers, principals, parents, or through the students. Students may sign up online to see the school counselor using the corresponding link for their school. Both the elementary and middle school links are posted under the quick links tab. Students may see the counselor at any time.  However, for an extended time, parental permission must be granted for multiple sustained sessions.

Small Group Counseling

Small group counseling typically consists of less than 6 students at the elementary school level and less than 10 students at the middle school level. Small groups are implemented based on student needs and will be scheduled when there is less disruption to the learning environment. Small groups provide students the opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other. All students need parent permission to participate in a small group counseling intervention.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

As part of the school counseling curriculum all students will receive classroom lessons. At the elementary school level each class will receive one lesson per month. At the middle school students will receive one lesson bi-weekly. Lesson topics were decided based on teacher and student feedback. Some of the topics I will be covering this year at both levels include; bullying prevention, career awareness, and character education.  


My vision is for all students to advance with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve academic, social/emotional, and career success; and to reach their highest potential as contributing citizens in society.


My mission is to create a school counseling program that helps students achieve their lifelong academic, social/emotional, and career goals. It is my passion to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to promote a safe and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive

Welcome to the Counseling Corner!