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Welcome to the 5th grade! I am looking forward to an exciting, learning-filled year and I thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. With two children of my own (both West Point High School graduates), I realize the magnitude of the position I am in and the trust you need to have in me. My promise to you is to do my best to produce an environment that promotes safety and encourages learning while promoting mutual respect, kindness, and fairness.
I have been teaching 4th or 5th graders in the public school system for eleven years. I earned my Bachelors and Masters of Education at Old Dominion University. I have taught all subject areas, but have a passion for Science! It’s going to be a great year!
:-)Mrs. Hixenbaugh
5th Grade Daily Schedule
5th Grade Daily Schedule
• 8:15-8:30 Breakfast/Homeroom
• 8:30-9:00
Class Meeting/Writing
• 9:00-9:40 Resource
• 9:40-10:00
Bathroom/Working Snack/Writing Wrap-up
• 10:05-11:10 Session 1
• 11:15-12:20 Session 2
• 12:25-2:40 Session 3
o Lunch Schedule
 Foster 12:35-1:05
 Harris 12:37-1:07
 Hix 12:39-1:09
o 1:09-1:30 Recess
• 2:40-3:00 Classroom Prescriptions
• 3:10 Dismissal
Hixenbaugh Rotational Resource Schedule
Day 1 : P.E.
Day 2: Library
Day 3: Music

Art: Week 2 Thursday 11:30--12:10